Word Craze Level 6 Answers

Word Craze Level 6 Answers
Here you can find all Word Craze Level 6 Answers displayed below. We gathered all the answers and solved all Word Craze levels as fast as we could in order to make your gameplay easier. You can find all the solutions arranged by their length, this way it would be easy for you to find the answer you were searching for. If you notice that an answer or a letter is missing for Level 6, please leave your comment below and we will add the right one soon.
Word Craze Level 6

  • A digital letter sent using the internet » EMAIL
  • What shape are they making? » SQUARE
  • Thinly sliced strips of pork often eaten at breakfast » BACON
  • Bouquet thrower at a wedding » BRIDE
  • Models strike them » POSES
  • This actress, Jennifer Aniston, plays which character in “Friends”? » RACHEL
  • Fruit that had a close encounter with Isaac Newton’s head » APPLE
  • What is this way to put things in order? » ALIGN
  • Flat breakfast treat, often served with maple syrup » PANCAKE
  • Cruising speed » KNOTS
  • Jerry Maguire “had” Dorothy Boyd at this word, she said » HELLO
  • The second largest continent in the world » AFRICA
  • Style of music set in stone » ROCK
  • Like a triangle, rectangle, or circle » SHAPE
  • What two of these are green in this image? » SOCKS
  • Hair-losing experience » SHAVE
  • Purchase made on “Wheel of Fortune” » VOWEL
  • First name of the writer famous for “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” » EDGAR
  • The color of envy, it’s said » GREEN
  • Something very hard to find in a haystack, metaphorically » NEEDLE
  • What celestial body can be seen in the distance? » SATURN
  • Mark left by a dirty eraser » SMUDGE
  • A digital letter that may or may not have an attachment » EMAIL
  • What mythical being is practicing on this target? » CUPID
  • Thinly sliced strips of pork with distinctive fat stripes » BACON
  • Bouquet thrower » BRIDE
  • The stereotypical food for squirrels » ACORN
  • Models strike them » POSES
  • Brad Pitt starred in the “curious” role of ________ Button, a man who reversed in age » BENJAMIN
  • Harry Nilsson sang about putting lime in this fruit and “drank ’em bot'” » COCONUTS
  • Nortoriously “cool” vegetable » CUCUMBER
  • Pair of studs or hoops » EARRINGS
  • What is this covering? » BLANKET
  • Where students congregate to eat » CAFETERIA
  • Like Doctor Frankenstein, perhaps » BODYBUILDER
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