Word Craze Daily January 9 2022 Answers

Word Craze January 9 2022 Daily Answers

Word Craze Daily Answers 9 January are published below like any other day. Word Craze Daily Puzzles are solved as quickly as possible and posted here when the entire puzzle is completely solved. The Daily Puzzles of Word Craze are usually small to med size, consisting of 7×7 or 9×9 grid puzzles and they vary each day.

  • Stunted, as in trees
  • Sauce traditionally eaten with turkey on Thanksgiving
  • Dashes or sprints
  • Farm vehicle, for short
  • Like human vision
  • Thrown object that can return to your hand
  • A box without hinges or a lid, yet golden treasure lies inside
  • 4:5, e.g.
  • Number of fingers and toes
  • Small embellishment, in music: 2 wds.
  • Abs, technically
  • South American mammal that resembles a pig with a small trunk
  • Retired actor, ____ Hackman, who starred in “Young Frankenstein”
  • The only country that starts with an “O”
  • “The Price is Right” channel: abbr.
  • Type of mushroom
  • Had a bite
  • Place for a ship’s rudder
  • “He ____, he saw, he conquered”
  • Papal council
  • ___-up (increase)
  • Siren that goes off when it detects smoke or heat: 2 wds.
  • Vast stretch of time
  • Caesar’s nationality
  • Cooperative action
  • This Puzzle

    This puzzle had 9 rows and 9 columns with 25 clues in total and We hope you enjoyed playing it as much as we did. For older puzzles please visit the archive link Word Craze Daily Puzzle Answers and you will find them.

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