The best X-BOX horror games on sale, waiting for resident evil village

Halloween is a long way off, but the horror never goes out of style, especially in this period when millions of fans are waiting for the return of the undisputed “KING” of the genre. Microsoft also knows it well, which in view of the release of Resident Evil Village has launched “Horror offers without Halloween” on its store, with many discounts on the most terrifying video games in circulation. If you really can’t do without tension and fright, then before heading into the village we recommend that you buy one of these five games, none of which are included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Resident Evil 2 Remake (€ 15.99)

We could not start without reporting a Resident Evil. There are many chapters of the series currently on offer on the Xbox Store, but we have decided to opt for the biggest surprise of recent years. Resident Evil 2 is in no uncertain terms an exceptional remake, an example to follow for anyone who decides to revive the masterpieces of the past in a modern sauce.

Capcom has not only abandoned the obsolete fixed visual in favor of the third-person one behind the protagonists, but has also given a modernization to the entire production by renewing the puzzles, modifying the progression where necessary and adding completely new sections, outlining in this way a survival horror suitable for both old and new generations. All while preserving the pace and atmosphere of the original, here enhanced by the excellent RE Engine, the same engine that will also drive Resident Evil 8 Village.


Observer System Redux (€ 20.09) – Only for Xbox Series X | S

Even before The Medium, Blair Witch and Layers of Fear 2, the guys from Bloober Team released Observer, a psychological horror with cyberpunk hues that is back in great shape with the System Redux edition optimized for Xbox Series X | S. Set in Krakow in the year 2084, the story is about Daniel Lazarski, a detective played by Rutger Hauer. Known as “the observer,” he is a member of a police unit that specializes in hacking and invading the minds of suspects.

Observer does not try at all costs to make you jump in your chair, but harmoniously combines sci-fi themes such as transhumanism with other more intimate and familiar ones. The future painted by Bloober Team is darker than we could have imagined. First there was the nanophage, a digital plague that claimed thousands of lives among those who had enhanced their bodies, then the war broke out that left both east and west decimated and shattered.


Outlast 2 (€ 5.99)

The protagonists of Outlast 2, a terrifying first-person survival horror, are Blake Langermann and his wife Lynn, a couple of investigative reporters who, following a trail of clues that began with the seemingly impossible murder of a pregnant woman, have set about traces of Sullivan Knoth, founder of a town hidden in the heart of the Arizona desert. Knoth and his followers are preparing for the end times, and the two reporters must face unspeakable horrors.

In Outlast 2, as in the first chapter, the sense of terror is amplified by the inability to fight of Blake, the player-controlled character, who can only rely on a camera as he slips through the elements of the scenario and moves away from the horrible threats . The camera is the only tool that allows him to see in the dark, and requires careful management of the batteries needed to power it, which can be found by properly exploring the environments.


Inside (6.99 euros) and Limbo (3.49 euros)

Yes, we cheated, but we just didn’t know which one to choose between Playdead’s two excellent works. Inside is a more mature product overall, but Limbo also has a timeless appeal that deserves to be discovered by anyone. Neither can be considered a true horror, but the feeling of anguish they are able to convey is unmatched in the medium.

Limbo and Inside are two minimalist puzzle-platformers, with desolate and distressing worlds that are the background to hermetic and never really explicit narrative canvases. No words are heard, there are no texts, there is no trace of tutorials: the concept of environmental narration is raised to the nth degree. The morbid charm of the worlds painted by Playdead instantly captures, but to keep the interest of the players alive for the duration of the experience (which for both games does not exceed 3-5 hours) we think a progression enlivened by puzzles always stimulating environments, which require a good dose of ingenuity and lateral thinking in order to be solved.

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