Playstation Plus: MAY 2021 Free Games Leaked?

During the past few hours, a leak has leaked the free games of May 2021 on the net for subscribers of the PlayStation Plus service.

There are only a few days left until the announcement of the free games that will be included in the PlayStation Plus subscription during the next month, May 2021: to appease the wait, some titles that will be part of it have leaked online today. Obviously this is a leak not officially confirmed by those in charge and consequently we invite you to take the information treated strictly with pliers.

After the great titles that we had the opportunity to play completely free during this month, May also seems to be a period full of valid content for Sony users. As expected, even in this case the PlayStation team should guarantee 2 titles for PlayStation 4 users, and another exclusive work for PlayStation 5 players.

Coming to the point, according to the source cited in the article we will be able to recover Battlefield V, the last and sixteenth chapter of the famous franchise that is based on a first-person shooter adventure able to make you see the various facets of the second war from another perspective. world.

In the background we have Stranded Deep, a survival video game developed by the Australian studio Beam Team Games that has enjoyed some success since the first day it was released. As for the mysterious title for PS5 players, at the moment the leak does not reveal what it will be, but only that it will be there: perhaps for this reason we leave room for your hypotheses.

Although at the moment we cannot know for sure if the rumors leaked during this morning are true, the waiting time we have left to find out is short; in fact Sony is expected to announce the free games of the PlayStation Plus of May 2021 on Wednesday 28 April. The period in which the latter will instead be downloadable directly via the PlayStation Store would start next May 5 at 12:01 am.

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