Epic Games Store, free PC games from April 22, 2021 available

The free PC games of April 22, 2021 are available on the Epic Games Store. As you probably know, this time it is Alien: Isolation and Hand of Fate 2.

You can download the two titles by visiting this page. The games in question can be downloaded for free until 5pm on April 29, and once redeemed they will remain in your library forever.

Alien: Isolation,the Xenomorph runs happily around the stage.

Developed by Creative Assembly and originally released in 2014, Alien: Isolation tells the story of Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, as she embarks on a desperate battle for safety on a mission where she must uncover the truth behind her disappearance. mother.

As Amanda, she explores an increasingly dangerous world and confronts its inhabitants: a tormented and panicked people and an unpredictable and ruthless Alien.

Defenseless and without adequate preparation, Amanda will have to go in search of resources, find improvised solutions and use her wits to succeed in the mission and, above all, to survive.

Hand of Fate 2, the game board.

Hand of Fate 2 is instead an exciting RPG that mixes spectacular fights and collectible cards to create an original and engaging experience.

A new hero will challenge the Dealer in Hand of Fate 2! Master an ever-changing board game that features endlessly replayable missions. Unlock new cards, shape your adventure and defeat opponents in real-time combat!