Educational Games For Children (Part 2)


6. Mailes, magnetic board

The classic erasable drawing board is one of the real children’s educational toys. There are no indications or right or wrong actions. There are no established rules or limits to break. This is why board is a success or failure for many children. Children looking for maximum freedom of expression will find it impressive. However, others who may not feel inclined to draw will find it quite boring. However, the tablet successfully replaces the classic pen and paper as all drawings can be deleted quickly.

One of the best parts of the table is that it can also be a traveling educational toy. It represents a design that does not require batteries and plain paper for children to continue drawing. Of course, they can also start practicing their writing skills as it is never too early to start learning the alphabet. With durable plastic materials, the table will last longer than most kids need.


7. Toper sun, Musical instruments for children

Using a preschooler percussion set is a great way to discover music. A fantastic and creative birthday or Christmas gift for children, boys and girls.

Made with non-toxic and high quality materials, safe for small children.

The different musical instruments provide a wide choice of fascinating sounds, which can keep time with the songs. This helps children experiment with noises, beats and rhythms.

The product comes with a high quality compact bag, useful for collecting toys, convenient to take with you on the go. This way you can play anywhere.

It can be difficult to find the right tool for a child to play. Most kids won’t really play an instrument as a hobby or career. But most children will use tools as a fun method and as a different method than relaxing a toy. Combining different tools in a single set is a brilliant idea and Toper sun has succeeded. Basically, kids can play a different instrument and see what they like best while having fun.

Inside the package, children will discover tools for stirring, beating, puffing and beating. They are suitable for a different type of music and also for different moods. Of course, how these tools are actually used can be very different from case to case. Kids will also have a hard time setting their eyes on the right instrument unless they actually try them out and see the kind of sound and style of music they prefer. Parents are also encouraged to follow children towards a natural inclination and even encourage them to play further.

8. Learning Resources, My First Microscope


Ideal as a first microscope for kindergarten children.

Fully functional microscope with two large eyepieces that eliminate the need to close one eye.

Microscopes are now cheaper than before. As a result, they are not limited to school walls and can also be used at home. This is why children have the ability to microscope their educational knowledge to increase their curious needs.

Made with 8X objective magnification, the microscope is one of the best designs in its class. It comes with many adjustments. For example, there are two focus rings for children to use, just like with professional microscopes. There are also additional LED lights in the microscope. They improve visualization skills and represent a superior addition for those who love details.

The microscope can be an inspiring gift idea for children of various ages. However, it is one of the projects carried out for the learning of children and science. The microscope can also be a good introduction to scientific instruments.


9. Munchkin, Mozart The Magic Cube

Recreating Mozart’s masterpieces may not be achievable for the average musician. But children can use the Magic Cube to learn more about how to recreate the composer’s unmistakable music. With a combination of instruments including a French horn, piano or violin, children can immerse themselves completely in Mozart’s music.

At the same time, the cube also has a function that plays all the instruments together. In practice, the Magic Cube is an orchestra in preparation. This educational toy teaches children how to create 8 works of art with Mozart. If parents are afraid that their neighbors don’t love classical music that much, they can rest assured that the Magic Cube also has a volume control.

10. Curly spike, to stimulate motor activities

This peg game is great for developing early pattern identification, matching and sorting skills – suitable for ages 18 months and up.

By placing the thorns on the back of the spike hedgehog, children learn to count and recognize colors and shapes. Encourages early math learning and the development of fine motor skills.

The plastic elements, soft and rubberized, are easy to take with their little hands.

The spike hedgehog measures 15cm in diameter.

With 6 “peg shaped pieces, the hedgehog toy is suitable for children who are learning fine motor skills. It also comes with pieces of different colors so that the little ones can learn to recognize colors too. There are some holes in the hedgehog where you need to insert the plastic pieces.

Suitable for children from just 18 months, the toy set is among the best to use at an early age. With peg-shaped pieces that fit perfectly in small hands, children will be able to learn more about how to properly coordinate their movements. At the same time, they can start counting the plastic pieces to start developing their math skills.


11. Roli mate, Stacker with geometric shapes

The REGULAR allows children to learn colors and geometric shapes, while the WITH NUMBERS & ENGLISH allows children to learn numbers and English too

Geometric shape toys made of high quality beech wood, durable and well made

All materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Smooth surfaces and rounded corners. And the toys shapes of perfect measures for the hands of the little ones make them adore holding and playing

The geometric stacker for children can stimulate hand-eye coordination and the sense of sight, improve motor and logic skills, space management and problem-solving skills

Wooden toys won’t go away anytime soon. In every generation, there have always been some announcements that the wooden toys were dead. But as seen with the educational board, the wooden toys are still here and are still interesting. In addition to their unmatched durability, they also offer a premium feel that can be difficult to match with plain plastics.

The idea of ​​the game is to match pieces of wood to the corresponding pegs. Children must be able to recognize shapes and also to coordinate their movements on the wooden parts of the table. With different colors, children also have a chance to learn how each color is named. More importantly, this can be done on a daily basis until the child’s progress is evident and there is no more room for growth.

The wooden toy was recently made for solo play. Two or three children playing together may not be the best scenario for mixing and adapting wooden elements. But the best part of the wooden set is that it can actually be borrowed from friends once the kids have already learned all of its secrets.


It is safe to conclude that there are some truly wonderful toys for children, designed to help them grow and learn while still providing them with loads of fun. You should take the time to buy children’s toys because you want to give them something that will have a positive impact on their development while having fun and keeping their attention for a long time.

The most important thing is to keep the age of your children in mind, but don’t be afraid to make them do something a little more complex, as they may grow up and love them sooner than you think.


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