Educational Games For Children (Part 1)


Parents know that the best educational games for kids can actually come in handy when it comes to playing and learning. Children often can’t wait to play their favorite games and learn with them at the same time. But there are thousands of such toys to choose from and it can actually be a little confusing to find the right toys for a child’s mental development. Some of the following toys may also be suitable for different children with different areas of interest. Some children may want to learn about the alphabet, while others express their creativity through building and putting things together.

Best educational games for kids

1.VIAHART, construction games “Brain Flakes”

BOTH CHILDREN AND GIRLS will love Brain Flakes records! ¬†Helps develop spatial thinking . That’s how little engineers start! Hours of gameplay and hundreds of awesome creations!

With 500 pieces, this interlocking disc is one of the ideas with time-tested results. It already has a history of a few decades. Like all successful learning toys, it is easy to understand. It is also easy to use. Children do not need instructions to start making their own creations, even if they are included in the box.

From building a house to modeling a flower, the interlocking disc set is one of the easiest to understand. It has creative freedom that is almost unmatched. By teaching children about spatial thinking, it creates unique 3D models and can also be one of the stress relieving games, so parents can play with their children after a long day at work.

2. Educational Insights, Creative game “drill the screws”

Educational Insights Design & Drill, Activity Center

Wrench or drill can be used to fix the screws in the bulletin board

Helps develop skills

Includes 10 double-sided design cards to help with creativity

This unique punching game teaches kids multiple skills at the same time. Teach coordination as they are needed to drill the makeshift bolts on the plastic panel. It also teaches the children how to put the colored bolts together so that they have a certain unitary look. With 120 bolts, there are many patterns to create on the board.

Being one of the most popular educational toys on the market, it is also one of the toys available in multiple options. There are currently a white and a clear card available. But children can also follow the directions simply by playing with the screws. If they can screw in the bolts however they want, they also have some printed cards planned to follow in the game. This means that children will need to follow directions, plan ahead and execute. All of these are skills that will prove essential later in the school system.

3. Alex, First sewing kit

Great for creating stuffed animals, covers and more

Sewing clip and handle

Recommended age: from 7 years up to 12 years

A sewing kit should be part of a child’s childhood at some point. The Alex Toys sewing kit is made for children aged 7 and up and offers a basic sewing experience, a useful skill for the rest of life. With everything you need to start sewing, the kit is suitable for more creative expression and for exercising patience.

There are 28 shapes of felt, embroidery thread, various fabrics and scissors in the set. Children can sew their own toys from scratch and create their own designs without limits. The sewing kit is also easily combined with various fabrics around the house such as those from old T-shirts to give children even more creative freedom.

4. Think Fun, labyrinth of Gravity

1 Game Grid

10 Gravity Maze Towers

3 Marbles

60 Challenges from Beginner to Expert


Based on the concept of gravity, the logic maze game has a unique design for children aged 8 and up. It comes with different difficulty levels and uses multiple blocks arranged in different ways. Challenging special planning, the game is one of the best solutions to train strategic thinking.

With 3 marbles, a play grid, towers and more, the game requires the highest levels of creativity and infinite possibilities of gravitational performance. Reaching the target can prove difficult as kids get better or just get closer to the complex gravity challenged card.

5. Jason well, 133 Pieces Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic toy can have many shapes, can be combined into many models, such as Ferris wheels, animals, houses, vehicles, planes etc., develop children’s imagination, creativity and mind .

Learn by playing. Different shapes, assorted colors. 2 different random colors on each side of each magnetic tile. Kids can learn colors, shapes, letters and numbers while having fun.

The magnet block is made of high quality original ABS material, built with round edges for safety and hand feel. Ultrasonic welding process and over 3000 anti-throw tests to prevent them from breaking.

Great family games to strengthen the parent-child relationship: Families with children play building blocks together to have fun and have good memories

Idea Booklet: Comes with a bag to store all the tiles while not playing. Also an idea booklet included for easy references to build various types of models.

These unique magnetic tiles are the building blocks for any type of shape. They can be used to create the next impressive rocket, dog, house, or even a windmill. Based on simple construction concepts, the game requires a lot of creativity. This is due to the fact that the shapes are not all the same. There are over 133 pieces. This is why children have to strategize to fit together.

As it requires a lot of creativity, the game may not be the fastest type of game to complete. That is why it teaches children basic skills like patience and perseverance. Since these types of skills can be difficult to match video games, it can also be a healthier alternative to staring at screens for hours.

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