The Best PS5 Games available for Android

The Playstation 5 is one of the most loved consoles by gamers all over the world. With its futuristic design and its powerful technical sector it is certainly among the most powerful and most sought after products on the market, also given the few units available. Despite the release on the market only a few months ago, the Sony console can already boast a catalog of respectable titles. Let’s see which are the best games for Playstation 5 which are also available on the Android Platorm.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man Miles Morales takes us to twirl between the buildings of New York, with a whole new story and completely renewed graphics.
For lovers of the genre, Spider-Man Miles Morales is a must; one of those games destined to become a symbol for entire generations. As you play it, you play the role of the new Spider-Man and fly between the skyscrapers of a reconstructed New York in an amazing and extremely detailed way.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
The new chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga takes us to Nordic mythology. Explore a huge game world and fight like a Viking.

Another masterpiece that continues the famous saga of the assassins. A game full of twists that will transport the player to the cold lands of the north between myths and legends and a story full of suspense that will keep you in suspense in front of your PS5.

Surprising special effects and epic settings with attention to the smallest detail: this is the essence of a game that immediately promises to become one of the must-haves for PS5.

Godfall is the right title for all lovers of the epic genre and old-fashioned combat between sidearms and magic. Explore a huge world and upgrade your character with legendary weapons and armor.

Word Relax

Dream Studio Gaming Studio comes up with a new word puzzle game called Word Relax, a game which allows you to travel around the world and explore many destinations in this word trip, enjoy word solving games, explore new destinations and exercise your brain’s cognitive skills. The game incorporates beautiful scenery of many world destinations into a single puzzle game.The answers of Word Relax can be found on a site like this, in case you’re struggling with solving the levels.

Educational Games For Children (Part 2)


6. Mailes, magnetic board

The classic erasable drawing board is one of the real children’s educational toys. There are no indications or right or wrong actions. There are no established rules or limits to break. This is why board is a success or failure for many children. Children looking for maximum freedom of expression will find it impressive. However, others who may not feel inclined to draw will find it quite boring. However, the tablet successfully replaces the classic pen and paper as all drawings can be deleted quickly.

One of the best parts of the table is that it can also be a traveling educational toy. It represents a design that does not require batteries and plain paper for children to continue drawing. Of course, they can also start practicing their writing skills as it is never too early to start learning the alphabet. With durable plastic materials, the table will last longer than most kids need.


7. Toper sun, Musical instruments for children

Using a preschooler percussion set is a great way to discover music. A fantastic and creative birthday or Christmas gift for children, boys and girls.

Made with non-toxic and high quality materials, safe for small children.

The different musical instruments provide a wide choice of fascinating sounds, which can keep time with the songs. This helps children experiment with noises, beats and rhythms.

The product comes with a high quality compact bag, useful for collecting toys, convenient to take with you on the go. This way you can play anywhere.

It can be difficult to find the right tool for a child to play. Most kids won’t really play an instrument as a hobby or career. But most children will use tools as a fun method and as a different method than relaxing a toy. Combining different tools in a single set is a brilliant idea and Toper sun has succeeded. Basically, kids can play a different instrument and see what they like best while having fun.

Inside the package, children will discover tools for stirring, beating, puffing and beating. They are suitable for a different type of music and also for different moods. Of course, how these tools are actually used can be very different from case to case. Kids will also have a hard time setting their eyes on the right instrument unless they actually try them out and see the kind of sound and style of music they prefer. Parents are also encouraged to follow children towards a natural inclination and even encourage them to play further.

8. Learning Resources, My First Microscope


Ideal as a first microscope for kindergarten children.

Fully functional microscope with two large eyepieces that eliminate the need to close one eye.

Microscopes are now cheaper than before. As a result, they are not limited to school walls and can also be used at home. This is why children have the ability to microscope their educational knowledge to increase their curious needs.

Made with 8X objective magnification, the microscope is one of the best designs in its class. It comes with many adjustments. For example, there are two focus rings for children to use, just like with professional microscopes. There are also additional LED lights in the microscope. They improve visualization skills and represent a superior addition for those who love details.

The microscope can be an inspiring gift idea for children of various ages. However, it is one of the projects carried out for the learning of children and science. The microscope can also be a good introduction to scientific instruments.


9. Munchkin, Mozart The Magic Cube

Recreating Mozart’s masterpieces may not be achievable for the average musician. But children can use the Magic Cube to learn more about how to recreate the composer’s unmistakable music. With a combination of instruments including a French horn, piano or violin, children can immerse themselves completely in Mozart’s music.

At the same time, the cube also has a function that plays all the instruments together. In practice, the Magic Cube is an orchestra in preparation. This educational toy teaches children how to create 8 works of art with Mozart. If parents are afraid that their neighbors don’t love classical music that much, they can rest assured that the Magic Cube also has a volume control.

10. Curly spike, to stimulate motor activities

This peg game is great for developing early pattern identification, matching and sorting skills – suitable for ages 18 months and up.

By placing the thorns on the back of the spike hedgehog, children learn to count and recognize colors and shapes. Encourages early math learning and the development of fine motor skills.

The plastic elements, soft and rubberized, are easy to take with their little hands.

The spike hedgehog measures 15cm in diameter.

With 6 “peg shaped pieces, the hedgehog toy is suitable for children who are learning fine motor skills. It also comes with pieces of different colors so that the little ones can learn to recognize colors too. There are some holes in the hedgehog where you need to insert the plastic pieces.

Suitable for children from just 18 months, the toy set is among the best to use at an early age. With peg-shaped pieces that fit perfectly in small hands, children will be able to learn more about how to properly coordinate their movements. At the same time, they can start counting the plastic pieces to start developing their math skills.


11. Roli mate, Stacker with geometric shapes

The REGULAR allows children to learn colors and geometric shapes, while the WITH NUMBERS & ENGLISH allows children to learn numbers and English too

Geometric shape toys made of high quality beech wood, durable and well made

All materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Smooth surfaces and rounded corners. And the toys shapes of perfect measures for the hands of the little ones make them adore holding and playing

The geometric stacker for children can stimulate hand-eye coordination and the sense of sight, improve motor and logic skills, space management and problem-solving skills

Wooden toys won’t go away anytime soon. In every generation, there have always been some announcements that the wooden toys were dead. But as seen with the educational board, the wooden toys are still here and are still interesting. In addition to their unmatched durability, they also offer a premium feel that can be difficult to match with plain plastics.

The idea of ​​the game is to match pieces of wood to the corresponding pegs. Children must be able to recognize shapes and also to coordinate their movements on the wooden parts of the table. With different colors, children also have a chance to learn how each color is named. More importantly, this can be done on a daily basis until the child’s progress is evident and there is no more room for growth.

The wooden toy was recently made for solo play. Two or three children playing together may not be the best scenario for mixing and adapting wooden elements. But the best part of the wooden set is that it can actually be borrowed from friends once the kids have already learned all of its secrets.


It is safe to conclude that there are some truly wonderful toys for children, designed to help them grow and learn while still providing them with loads of fun. You should take the time to buy children’s toys because you want to give them something that will have a positive impact on their development while having fun and keeping their attention for a long time.

The most important thing is to keep the age of your children in mind, but don’t be afraid to make them do something a little more complex, as they may grow up and love them sooner than you think.


Educational Games For Children (Part 1)


Parents know that the best educational games for kids can actually come in handy when it comes to playing and learning. Children often can’t wait to play their favorite games and learn with them at the same time. But there are thousands of such toys to choose from and it can actually be a little confusing to find the right toys for a child’s mental development. Some of the following toys may also be suitable for different children with different areas of interest. Some children may want to learn about the alphabet, while others express their creativity through building and putting things together.

Best educational games for kids

1.VIAHART, construction games “Brain Flakes”

BOTH CHILDREN AND GIRLS will love Brain Flakes records!  Helps develop spatial thinking . That’s how little engineers start! Hours of gameplay and hundreds of awesome creations!

With 500 pieces, this interlocking disc is one of the ideas with time-tested results. It already has a history of a few decades. Like all successful learning toys, it is easy to understand. It is also easy to use. Children do not need instructions to start making their own creations, even if they are included in the box.

From building a house to modeling a flower, the interlocking disc set is one of the easiest to understand. It has creative freedom that is almost unmatched. By teaching children about spatial thinking, it creates unique 3D models and can also be one of the stress relieving games, so parents can play with their children after a long day at work.

2. Educational Insights, Creative game “drill the screws”

Educational Insights Design & Drill, Activity Center

Wrench or drill can be used to fix the screws in the bulletin board

Helps develop skills

Includes 10 double-sided design cards to help with creativity

This unique punching game teaches kids multiple skills at the same time. Teach coordination as they are needed to drill the makeshift bolts on the plastic panel. It also teaches the children how to put the colored bolts together so that they have a certain unitary look. With 120 bolts, there are many patterns to create on the board.

Being one of the most popular educational toys on the market, it is also one of the toys available in multiple options. There are currently a white and a clear card available. But children can also follow the directions simply by playing with the screws. If they can screw in the bolts however they want, they also have some printed cards planned to follow in the game. This means that children will need to follow directions, plan ahead and execute. All of these are skills that will prove essential later in the school system.

3. Alex, First sewing kit

Great for creating stuffed animals, covers and more

Sewing clip and handle

Recommended age: from 7 years up to 12 years

A sewing kit should be part of a child’s childhood at some point. The Alex Toys sewing kit is made for children aged 7 and up and offers a basic sewing experience, a useful skill for the rest of life. With everything you need to start sewing, the kit is suitable for more creative expression and for exercising patience.

There are 28 shapes of felt, embroidery thread, various fabrics and scissors in the set. Children can sew their own toys from scratch and create their own designs without limits. The sewing kit is also easily combined with various fabrics around the house such as those from old T-shirts to give children even more creative freedom.

4. Think Fun, labyrinth of Gravity

1 Game Grid

10 Gravity Maze Towers

3 Marbles

60 Challenges from Beginner to Expert


Based on the concept of gravity, the logic maze game has a unique design for children aged 8 and up. It comes with different difficulty levels and uses multiple blocks arranged in different ways. Challenging special planning, the game is one of the best solutions to train strategic thinking.

With 3 marbles, a play grid, towers and more, the game requires the highest levels of creativity and infinite possibilities of gravitational performance. Reaching the target can prove difficult as kids get better or just get closer to the complex gravity challenged card.

5. Jason well, 133 Pieces Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic toy can have many shapes, can be combined into many models, such as Ferris wheels, animals, houses, vehicles, planes etc., develop children’s imagination, creativity and mind .

Learn by playing. Different shapes, assorted colors. 2 different random colors on each side of each magnetic tile. Kids can learn colors, shapes, letters and numbers while having fun.

The magnet block is made of high quality original ABS material, built with round edges for safety and hand feel. Ultrasonic welding process and over 3000 anti-throw tests to prevent them from breaking.

Great family games to strengthen the parent-child relationship: Families with children play building blocks together to have fun and have good memories

Idea Booklet: Comes with a bag to store all the tiles while not playing. Also an idea booklet included for easy references to build various types of models.

These unique magnetic tiles are the building blocks for any type of shape. They can be used to create the next impressive rocket, dog, house, or even a windmill. Based on simple construction concepts, the game requires a lot of creativity. This is due to the fact that the shapes are not all the same. There are over 133 pieces. This is why children have to strategize to fit together.

As it requires a lot of creativity, the game may not be the fastest type of game to complete. That is why it teaches children basic skills like patience and perseverance. Since these types of skills can be difficult to match video games, it can also be a healthier alternative to staring at screens for hours.

Apple Arcade: Over 30 Games including NBA 2K21, Star Trek Legends and many more!

A day full of news for Apple Arcade subscribers, as Apple has added over 30 titles to its catalog. And some are really interesting.

In addition to the many Apple Arcade Original titles, including “NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition”, “Star Trek: Legends” and “The Oregon Trail”, the service now offers two new game categories: Timeless Classics and App Store Masterpieces.

The Timeless Classics category includes games and genres popular with most users, with titles such as “Good Sudoku by Zach Gage”, “Chess – Play and Learn” and “Backgammon”, while Masterpieces from the App Store showcase some of the best games award winners available on the App Store, including “Threes!”, “Mini Metro” and “Fruit Ninja Classic”. Together with the new Arcade Originals, these categories bring the catalog to over 180 games.


“NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition” has gameplay that brings the simulation experience of the game of basketball. From 5-5 games with the NBA lineup to games on Blacktop, “NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition” offers a variety of game modes putting players in the shoes of their favorite NBA stars.


“Simon’s Cat: Story Time” is a game based on the well-known animated series that puts Simon and his cat in front of their biggest challenge. When the quiet suburban life is threatened by a huge construction site, they mobilize the whole neighborhood to give life to the mysterious “abandoned land” again before it is destroyed by bulldozers. As the timer ticks by, players will solve match 3 puzzles to help the community rebuild gardens under the critical eyes of grumpy Mr. Potts, who has a secret and ancestral connection to the pristine land, which he wants to see buried forever.



In “Star Trek: Legends” (Tilting Point LLC), the fate of the universe rests in the hands of players who play the role of their favorite “Star Trek” heroes, as well as villains, in a team-based RPG. . Players will embark on missions, take turns fighting and choices that affect the entire story as they take command of the U.S.S. Artemis. They will enter the Nexus, where they will discover new worlds and hire over 40 of their favorite characters. Each legend has their own set of skills, abilities and weapons.


In Gameloft’s “The Oregon Trail”, players are thrown into exhilarating journeys, ranging from accurate historical reconstructions to wild adventures. After choosing travel companions and stocking up with everything you need, players will embark on an adventure full of difficult choices, new dangers and unexpected situations. With random events and without temporal continuity in which the choices made will affect the entire travel company and the future outcome of the game, there is always a whole new story on the horizon.


With “Cut the Rope Remastered”, the adorable Om Nom returns to the scene in a 3D remake of the acclaimed puzzle game “Cut the Rope”. With the most famous levels from the entire series and tons of new levels and content, you will have to cut ropes, avoid obstacles and use boosters to give candy to Om Nom, the little green monster who loves sweets.


SongPop Party is a quiz game about music for those who like to test their knowledge on the subject. “SongPop Party” is the new entry in the largest music quiz game franchise in the world, whose catalog ranges from cult classics to current hits. The game is divided into matches with online opponents in Arena mode, matched according to skill levels and musical preferences. Alternatively, players can choose online and local multiplayer Party mode to compete with friends and family.


Top titles in the Timeless Classics category include Really Bad Chess, Sudoku Simple, Backgammon and Solitaire. Among the titles in the App Store’s Masterpieces category are Monument Valley, Mini Metro and Fruit Ninja Classic. All games available on Apple Arcade are ad-free and limitless.

Recall that Apple Arcade is available at a monthly cost of € 4.99 and is active on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV receive three months of free Apple Arcade. The service is included in Apple One’s Individual ($ 14.95) and Family ($ 19.95) monthly plans.

Apple has finally figured out how to improve Apple Arcade

After a year and a half of life, Apple has finally figured out the right direction to take for the Apple Arcade service.

A “new” Apple Arcade

This mini revolution began a little over a week ago, when Apple not only unveiled a series of first-rate original titles, but also activated two new sections that make Apple Arcade a perfect place for all types of gamers.

In addition to the many Apple Arcade Original titles, including “NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition”, “Star Trek: Legends” and “The Oregon Trail,” the service now offers two new game categories: Timeless Classics and App Store Masterpieces. The Timeless Classics category includes games and genres popular with most users, with titles such as “Good Sudoku by Zach Gage”, “Chess – Play and Learn” and “Backgammon”, while Masterpieces from the App Store showcase some of the best games award winners available on the App Store, including “Threes!”, “Mini Metro” and “Fruit Ninja Classic”. Together with the new Arcade Originals, these categories bring the catalog to over 180 games.

The recent release of over 30 games represents more than just a superior amount of new content. It’s a huge change in the company’s policy: the new approach for Apple Arcade is just what it took to make the service much more interesting for millions of iPhone and iPad users around the world. After the “fresh start”, Apple must now continue on this path and only in this way could Apple Arcade truly become one of the most interesting subscription game services on the market.

Not just quality and originality

When it was first announced in March 2019, Apple immediately stated that only high-quality exclusive games would be coming to Apple Arcade, instead of simple match-threes and hit-and-run games. After a few months of launch, Apple has begun to understand that games that work well on mobile devices don’t always have to be similar to the triple-A titles found on consoles and take a long time to develop. In short, it was impossible to keep up with the pace required by mobile users, by subscribers to a service from € 4.99 per month and by the desire to offer only great games.

Really important titles like Necrobarista had already come out on Apple Arcade, but most mobile users don’t ask for this genre of games on their smartphones. And like this one, there were many other “console” games that, however, did not attract a sufficient number of Apple players.

And here is that the change in recent months, and especially in recent weeks, goes precisely in this direction: alongside the triple A titles that will continue to be offered on Apple Arcade, now much more “mobile” and quick to use titles are also offered. Those classic games that keep you entertained even for 5 minutes without too much effort. And often, even core gamers want to have fun with games of this type, without necessarily having to always play console-style games that require much more effort, perseverance and time.

With the “classic” and “masterpiece” games now available, the company has inundated Apple Arcade with many hit-and-run titles, both old and completely new. A necessary move, which makes Apple Arcade much more sensible on iPhones and iPads.

Goodbye to the old Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has a number of rules and expectations associated with the service, and some still make perfect sense. For example, Arcade games may not contain ads or in-app microtransactions of any kind. This is a great approach for those who want to enjoy the full experience of all the games available, without advertising and at no additional cost. But there are also some things that weren’t right, and Apple is fixing the shot.

Apple’s policies had drawn a clear line: games on Apple Arcade could not appear in the regular App Store. They could not appear on any other mobile platform. And they couldn’t appear on any other subscription service (on any platform). For a developer, this was bad news: working for months on a high-quality game (otherwise no Apple Arcade), but having to give up the Android market and all subscription services on PC, Xbox and Playstation such as Xbox Game Pass (a godsend especially for smaller developers).

In the end, this policy proved to be a boomerang not only on the developers side, but also if we think about the users. The idea of ​​subscribing to a subscription service that contains original titles, but no games present on many other platforms such as Android, probably gave less value to Apple Arcade.

With the new launch last week, Apple not only brought several original titles, but fundamentally changed policy. Many of the new titles available now on Apple Arcade can also be found on the App Store and Android, among those games that have made the history of the mobile sector.

Let’s take a very simple title like “Threes!”. This copy of the famous 2048 has had a great success on the stores, but costs € 6.99 on the App Store and is also available on Android. It is that classic game that adds value to Apple Arcade (famous, perfect for mobile devices, fun), but which was previously not allowed by the old rules. Technically, the Apple Arcade version is a separate app called “Threes! +”, Because the exact same game cannot exist in two places in the App Store at two different prices. But it is in effect the same title.

Playstation Plus: MAY 2021 Free Games Leaked?

During the past few hours, a leak has leaked the free games of May 2021 on the net for subscribers of the PlayStation Plus service.

There are only a few days left until the announcement of the free games that will be included in the PlayStation Plus subscription during the next month, May 2021: to appease the wait, some titles that will be part of it have leaked online today. Obviously this is a leak not officially confirmed by those in charge and consequently we invite you to take the information treated strictly with pliers.

After the great titles that we had the opportunity to play completely free during this month, May also seems to be a period full of valid content for Sony users. As expected, even in this case the PlayStation team should guarantee 2 titles for PlayStation 4 users, and another exclusive work for PlayStation 5 players.

Coming to the point, according to the source cited in the article we will be able to recover Battlefield V, the last and sixteenth chapter of the famous franchise that is based on a first-person shooter adventure able to make you see the various facets of the second war from another perspective. world.

In the background we have Stranded Deep, a survival video game developed by the Australian studio Beam Team Games that has enjoyed some success since the first day it was released. As for the mysterious title for PS5 players, at the moment the leak does not reveal what it will be, but only that it will be there: perhaps for this reason we leave room for your hypotheses.

Although at the moment we cannot know for sure if the rumors leaked during this morning are true, the waiting time we have left to find out is short; in fact Sony is expected to announce the free games of the PlayStation Plus of May 2021 on Wednesday 28 April. The period in which the latter will instead be downloadable directly via the PlayStation Store would start next May 5 at 12:01 am.

The 20 most played games on PC in 2021

Following the trends and specialized blogs, it might seem that Fortnite is the undisputed number one, but it is not the case and this may surprise, also because the number one game in the world has always been the same for several years and shows no sign of giving up. In this updated article we are going to discover the complete ranking of the most played games in the world on PC, those with more players, in 2021.

The estimate was made by counting that more than half a billion people around the world play video games every day, with about three billion hours of gameplay per week. Thanks to gaming platforms like Steam, PCs are a widely used gaming platform, less than smartphones, but practically on par with gaming consoles like Playstation and XBox.

Among the main companies that develop and sell video games for PC, the number one is Electronic Arts present in the ranking with several titles, including “Apex Legends”, one of the most played shooter games that has surpassed even Fortnite.

The most played indie game (i.e. created by independent developers from large corporations) is Minecraft, which is now owned by Microsoft, while the most played game in the world is the surprising Among Us.

The longest running series of PC games is still Call Of Duty, with new episodes and war campaigns that can also be played in multiplayer.

GTA 5 is instead the game, among those present in the ranking, more expensive in its development, practically like a Hollywood Colossal, costing as much as 265 million dollars (and also the one that has grossed the most)

From the ranking published by New Zoo, we then see the most played games in the world on PC, including both free and paid games, almost all online multiplayer, of all genres.

1) Among Us, viral game of 2020 and still very played also on PC in 2021, with players from all over the world to compete to find the imposter.

2) Word Crossy is a word guessing puzzle game, to not be confused with CodyCross. It is just as fun but a bit easier to solve and more child friendly as it has easier words.

3) Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a game that simulates the cold war, with also multiplayer campaigns.

4) Call of Duty: Warzone, the free multiplayer version of the most popular first person shooter ever.

5) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the most played historical first person shooter, from Valve, still among the best sellers on Steam today.

6) Cyberpunk 2077, the open world game set in the dystopian world of Cyberpunk, with an exciting and very long story and Keanu Reeves among the protagonists.

7) Fortnite, the game that has been talked about the most in the last two years, dropped in this ranking, but still very played, especially because it is free and terribly addicting. As a genre, Battle Royale is a third-person shooter with 100 players together, where only one survives each match.

8) Forza Horizon 4, Microsoft’s stratospheric car game, with a story and multiplayer races.

9) Genshin Impact, free immersive MMO RPG in a fantastic virtual world with Japanese manga graphics and players from all over the world (playing from PC and smartphone).

10) Grand Theft Auto V, with multiplayer mode, is the best-selling game of the last 10 years.

11) League Of Legends has been the most played game in the world for years. It is a free, multiplayer online RPG that is virtually infinite in its competition against other players.

12) Minecraft, the construction and survival game, which has created a truly incredible community by becoming one of the most played in the world.

13) Overwatch first person shooter game where you choose the hero and make him grow and fight against other players.

14) ROBLOX, more than a game, a platform for creating games for children that has become very popular among the youngest.

15) Rocket League, one of the most played free games on PC, with soccer games played with machines, 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or 3 on 3.

16) Star Wars Battlefront 2, the first and third person shooter from Star Wars.

17) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege one of the most addicting tactical first person shooter games, played in multiplayer mode.

18) Valheim, the real blockbuster of 2021, an open world game set in the world of the Vikings.

19) Valorant, new tactical shooter with 5 vs 5 team, free for PC.

20) World of Warcraft, the most popular hero game ever, down but still in the top 20.

Foreign languages become didactic games

“We are made of the same stuff dreams are made of” (William Shakespeare, The Tempest). A phrase that has generated reflections and debates for centuries, still very topical today. Surely it is in the “feeling” of Chiara Colucci, a Spanish teacher who lives and works in Cesenatico, at the moment behind her monitor in the center of a bright veranda overlooking the garden, where boxes of games and books of Hispanic language find their place on multicolored shelves in the company of puppets, decorated stones and plants of all kinds.

“Do you see that orchid sticking out up there? Well, it’s the first time I’ve seen it bloom. I had to be fifty years old to do it, and, at the same time, I also fulfilled another dream, that of helping to create educational games for a large publishing group that I discovered thirty years ago! ” This is the ELI publishing house based in Recanati, not surprisingly the homeland of a great poet, Leopardi docet. It all started when Chiara, in a bookshop in Bologna, encounters a small box containing a game useful for learning a foreign language in an unusual way for those times; she is still part, albeit lived but intact, of her gaming heritage.

Her relationship with languages ​​had hitherto been rather troubled. So it was that out of pure challenge she began to study Spanish tenaciously, until she passed exams and tests that then led her to teaching. Since then you have continued to follow the evolution of the ELI Publishing Group until you become a full part of it in 2019.

The best X-BOX horror games on sale, waiting for resident evil village

Halloween is a long way off, but the horror never goes out of style, especially in this period when millions of fans are waiting for the return of the undisputed “KING” of the genre. Microsoft also knows it well, which in view of the release of Resident Evil Village has launched “Horror offers without Halloween” on its store, with many discounts on the most terrifying video games in circulation. If you really can’t do without tension and fright, then before heading into the village we recommend that you buy one of these five games, none of which are included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Resident Evil 2 Remake (€ 15.99)

We could not start without reporting a Resident Evil. There are many chapters of the series currently on offer on the Xbox Store, but we have decided to opt for the biggest surprise of recent years. Resident Evil 2 is in no uncertain terms an exceptional remake, an example to follow for anyone who decides to revive the masterpieces of the past in a modern sauce.

Capcom has not only abandoned the obsolete fixed visual in favor of the third-person one behind the protagonists, but has also given a modernization to the entire production by renewing the puzzles, modifying the progression where necessary and adding completely new sections, outlining in this way a survival horror suitable for both old and new generations. All while preserving the pace and atmosphere of the original, here enhanced by the excellent RE Engine, the same engine that will also drive Resident Evil 8 Village.


Observer System Redux (€ 20.09) – Only for Xbox Series X | S

Even before The Medium, Blair Witch and Layers of Fear 2, the guys from Bloober Team released Observer, a psychological horror with cyberpunk hues that is back in great shape with the System Redux edition optimized for Xbox Series X | S. Set in Krakow in the year 2084, the story is about Daniel Lazarski, a detective played by Rutger Hauer. Known as “the observer,” he is a member of a police unit that specializes in hacking and invading the minds of suspects.

Observer does not try at all costs to make you jump in your chair, but harmoniously combines sci-fi themes such as transhumanism with other more intimate and familiar ones. The future painted by Bloober Team is darker than we could have imagined. First there was the nanophage, a digital plague that claimed thousands of lives among those who had enhanced their bodies, then the war broke out that left both east and west decimated and shattered.


Outlast 2 (€ 5.99)

The protagonists of Outlast 2, a terrifying first-person survival horror, are Blake Langermann and his wife Lynn, a couple of investigative reporters who, following a trail of clues that began with the seemingly impossible murder of a pregnant woman, have set about traces of Sullivan Knoth, founder of a town hidden in the heart of the Arizona desert. Knoth and his followers are preparing for the end times, and the two reporters must face unspeakable horrors.

In Outlast 2, as in the first chapter, the sense of terror is amplified by the inability to fight of Blake, the player-controlled character, who can only rely on a camera as he slips through the elements of the scenario and moves away from the horrible threats . The camera is the only tool that allows him to see in the dark, and requires careful management of the batteries needed to power it, which can be found by properly exploring the environments.


Inside (6.99 euros) and Limbo (3.49 euros)

Yes, we cheated, but we just didn’t know which one to choose between Playdead’s two excellent works. Inside is a more mature product overall, but Limbo also has a timeless appeal that deserves to be discovered by anyone. Neither can be considered a true horror, but the feeling of anguish they are able to convey is unmatched in the medium.

Limbo and Inside are two minimalist puzzle-platformers, with desolate and distressing worlds that are the background to hermetic and never really explicit narrative canvases. No words are heard, there are no texts, there is no trace of tutorials: the concept of environmental narration is raised to the nth degree. The morbid charm of the worlds painted by Playdead instantly captures, but to keep the interest of the players alive for the duration of the experience (which for both games does not exceed 3-5 hours) we think a progression enlivened by puzzles always stimulating environments, which require a good dose of ingenuity and lateral thinking in order to be solved.

Epic Games Store, free PC games from April 22, 2021 available

The free PC games of April 22, 2021 are available on the Epic Games Store. As you probably know, this time it is Alien: Isolation and Hand of Fate 2.

You can download the two titles by visiting this page. The games in question can be downloaded for free until 5pm on April 29, and once redeemed they will remain in your library forever.

Alien: Isolation,the Xenomorph runs happily around the stage.

Developed by Creative Assembly and originally released in 2014, Alien: Isolation tells the story of Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, as she embarks on a desperate battle for safety on a mission where she must uncover the truth behind her disappearance. mother.

As Amanda, she explores an increasingly dangerous world and confronts its inhabitants: a tormented and panicked people and an unpredictable and ruthless Alien.

Defenseless and without adequate preparation, Amanda will have to go in search of resources, find improvised solutions and use her wits to succeed in the mission and, above all, to survive.

Hand of Fate 2, the game board.

Hand of Fate 2 is instead an exciting RPG that mixes spectacular fights and collectible cards to create an original and engaging experience.

A new hero will challenge the Dealer in Hand of Fate 2! Master an ever-changing board game that features endlessly replayable missions. Unlock new cards, shape your adventure and defeat opponents in real-time combat!