Apple Arcade: Over 30 Games including NBA 2K21, Star Trek Legends and many more!

A day full of news for Apple Arcade subscribers, as Apple has added over 30 titles to its catalog. And some are really interesting.

In addition to the many Apple Arcade Original titles, including “NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition”, “Star Trek: Legends” and “The Oregon Trail”, the service now offers two new game categories: Timeless Classics and App Store Masterpieces.

The Timeless Classics category includes games and genres popular with most users, with titles such as “Good Sudoku by Zach Gage”, “Chess – Play and Learn” and “Backgammon”, while Masterpieces from the App Store showcase some of the best games award winners available on the App Store, including “Threes!”, “Mini Metro” and “Fruit Ninja Classic”. Together with the new Arcade Originals, these categories bring the catalog to over 180 games.


“NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition” has gameplay that brings the simulation experience of the game of basketball. From 5-5 games with the NBA lineup to games on Blacktop, “NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition” offers a variety of game modes putting players in the shoes of their favorite NBA stars.


“Simon’s Cat: Story Time” is a game based on the well-known animated series that puts Simon and his cat in front of their biggest challenge. When the quiet suburban life is threatened by a huge construction site, they mobilize the whole neighborhood to give life to the mysterious “abandoned land” again before it is destroyed by bulldozers. As the timer ticks by, players will solve match 3 puzzles to help the community rebuild gardens under the critical eyes of grumpy Mr. Potts, who has a secret and ancestral connection to the pristine land, which he wants to see buried forever.



In “Star Trek: Legends” (Tilting Point LLC), the fate of the universe rests in the hands of players who play the role of their favorite “Star Trek” heroes, as well as villains, in a team-based RPG. . Players will embark on missions, take turns fighting and choices that affect the entire story as they take command of the U.S.S. Artemis. They will enter the Nexus, where they will discover new worlds and hire over 40 of their favorite characters. Each legend has their own set of skills, abilities and weapons.


In Gameloft’s “The Oregon Trail”, players are thrown into exhilarating journeys, ranging from accurate historical reconstructions to wild adventures. After choosing travel companions and stocking up with everything you need, players will embark on an adventure full of difficult choices, new dangers and unexpected situations. With random events and without temporal continuity in which the choices made will affect the entire travel company and the future outcome of the game, there is always a whole new story on the horizon.


With “Cut the Rope Remastered”, the adorable Om Nom returns to the scene in a 3D remake of the acclaimed puzzle game “Cut the Rope”. With the most famous levels from the entire series and tons of new levels and content, you will have to cut ropes, avoid obstacles and use boosters to give candy to Om Nom, the little green monster who loves sweets.


SongPop Party is a quiz game about music for those who like to test their knowledge on the subject. “SongPop Party” is the new entry in the largest music quiz game franchise in the world, whose catalog ranges from cult classics to current hits. The game is divided into matches with online opponents in Arena mode, matched according to skill levels and musical preferences. Alternatively, players can choose online and local multiplayer Party mode to compete with friends and family.


Top titles in the Timeless Classics category include Really Bad Chess, Sudoku Simple, Backgammon and Solitaire. Among the titles in the App Store’s Masterpieces category are Monument Valley, Mini Metro and Fruit Ninja Classic. All games available on Apple Arcade are ad-free and limitless.

Recall that Apple Arcade is available at a monthly cost of € 4.99 and is active on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV receive three months of free Apple Arcade. The service is included in Apple One’s Individual ($ 14.95) and Family ($ 19.95) monthly plans.

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